Mar 6, 2009

Grace in Small Things #14

1. Because I never bothered to use the Luiggi's gift certificate's I received a couple years ago, after I found a rusty screw in my pasta, I don't have to make supper tonight. I'm still a tad weary about eating there, but the chance to go for supper with Smyrish trumps my fear of finding foreign objects in my entree.

2. Paying the lady at the laundromat to wash, dry and fold our insanely large pile of dirty laundry was the best idea we've ever had. I would have had to spend most of the day at the laundromat if we didn't, and wouldn't have had time to enjoy my day off. Totally worth the money!

3. Finally had time to start taking photos of jewelery I've made this winter for my Etsy shop.

4. Having a TV that can tape shows for me, has freed up some time in my life as well. Hangover Sunday will be all about watching the shows I missed this week.

5. When we got our new cable package, Smyrish had the fore-thought to get us SexTV. Thanks honey! Now I have something to do on Friday nights!

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