May 15, 2006

My Most Favoritest Things About Summer (Part One)

Well, it's still technically Spring, but the weather tells me that Summer is officially here. I see no more snow in the forecast, and according to the local paper this weekend, official weather people are predicting a hot, dry summer. As long as there are a few fantastic thunderstorms tucked in there somewhere, I'll be happy as a dirty old man at Hooters for the next few months. There are so many wonderful and beautiful things about this particular Summer that I am looking forward to, and so many things that I love to look back on, that I got the over-whelming urge to write a list of my most favorite things about this season. And you know how much I love lists.

#1. The Sunshine. Ok, sure there are sunny days all year round....but waking up to sun pouring in the windows, watching the sun set late at night, and catching the great rays of Vitamin D all day long, is absolutely super fantastic.

#2. The Clothes. Tanks tops, skirts, 'home-made' capri pants, sandals. These are the items of clothing I dream about wearing from September to March. And yes, I am aware that you can wear skirts in the winter as well....but come on now, who the heck actually enjoys wearing pantyhose or tights? Not this cowgirl.

#3. The People. There are certain individuals in my life, that disappear without a trace, the second the days become shorter and the temperature starts to drop, and I don't see them until everything is summer-y again. On any given day in the warmer weather though, I will run into one or all of these individuals, at the pub, in the park, at a festival.....and we get on like we saw each other yesterday. This is also the season that brings new fabulous friends and accquaintances into my life...I think that all the sunshine makes us more willing to engage in conversations and shenanigans with strangers. Or at least that's the way it is with me.

#4. Outdoor Festivals and Concerts. No matter what type of festival it is, or what kind of music is being played, I can't think of a better way to spend a day, a night or a weekend, than wandering around aimlessly, hopping from craft/food vendor, to beer garden to musical main stage, just taking it all in. And of course having a few too many drinks, just enough laughs, and hopefully coming away with a new favorite band, a new favorite food, or a new summer friend.

#5. Thunderstorms and Rainshowers. Of course, if there is too much of this kind of weather, it throws me into 'Eeyore' mode, and all I can do is whine about how much I need and miss Sunshine in my life. However, a good hardore thunderstorm in the late afternoon or early evening, after a hot, humid day full of sweat and B.O. is magnificent. Watching the sky turn from blue to that orangy grey, I get all excited and head to the windows, just waiting for that first "Crash!!!Clap!!!Bang!!!" of thunder...and feel like a little kid on Xmas morning, watching all the rain splash down on us while lightening threatens to zap us. And oh boy, don't get me started on how excited I get when I hear there are tornado warnings.....I know, it's horrible, and can be quite possibly devastating......but the adrenaline rush a good Summer storm gives me, is like no other.

Well, that's all for today, I've got to get ready for work. Stay tuned for more listy goodness.

UPDATE: Knowing me, I will never finish the second part of this entry, but I will try, as I sure would like to tell y'all about the Canada Day camping trip!

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