Jun 15, 2005

That's the Way She Goes, Folks.

Well, well. Surprise, surprise. Micheal Jackson was aquitted. From the beginning of this carnival, I stood by my opinion, when it came up in drunken conversations, that I wasn't sure if he ever molested anyone, but I was aware of the freak that is the big MJ. I thought, just maybe, since he was robbed of a childhood, that he actually believes that he is this Peter Pan character that he portrays himself to be, and maybe on a deeper level, even thinks that he is a little boy, and not the boy who wouldn't grow up; which would half-ass explain his fascination with the little ones. But I cannot believe that he was innocent on all counts. Sets a nice precident doesn't it? A 46 year old man, who sleeps in a bed surrounded by young children, and shows them pornography and gives them wine, can be aquitted because one of the kids happens to be unlucky enough to come from a family full of liars and frauds. Who knows, maybe he is innocent, but it will be interesting in years to come, in other molestation cases that go before the courts, to see defense attourneys use the case of Micheal Jackson vs. Young Cancer Patient, to get other 46 year old perverts and man-children aquitted of their crimes. Oh well, even though MJ and Carla Homolka have been allowed to run wild and free, at least the welfare moms who write bad checks and those evil pot-smokers are still locked up, just the way it should be. Fuck our justice systems.

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