Jun 22, 2005

Perfection, relaxation and the beginning of summer

Even though a good chunk of the people in my little world have had a craptastic day, for whatever their reasons, myself, I have had the best day off ever. It has been forever and a day since I have had a true day off. One with no obligations, meetings, appointments, favors, errands or personal chaos to contend with.

Yesterday afternoon, after I awoke from my night shift nap, the great almighty Cookeroo came to retreive GQ and I and we all headed to The Pub patio to guzzle some beer and clam and sweat all the toxins and any other liquid out of our bodies as we chit-chatted with other regulars and bitched about work. It was all wonderful, but was made even more fantastic, by the surprising sighting of my good friend Graham, who has been a tad elusive and hard to find the last few years. We hugged, he joined us for a conversation of catch-up and B-Rock came to join us as well. A perfect patio afternoon. Day turned into night,( but the sun was still out; Hallelujah! Summer Solstice!), and I was drunk and hungry and badgered B-Rock into leaving with me to find some food. After a few blocks of me trying to keep up to him on his bike, we decided on a quiet, eerily friendly Chinese restaurant just a few blocks from my house, where we delved into our dishes, drank water with gusto, and admired the cheesy art on the walls. I still cannot belive I had never been there before. I plan on making it my regular hangout. Just me and a book, in a tiny Chinese restaurant, eating out of a bamboo basket. Divine.

Anyways, that brings me to today. I awoke from a 12 hour sleep, bright and early even, and quickly came to the realization that I had NOTHING to do today. I couldn't believe it. "I must be forgetting to do something", I thought to myself. And then said "Fuck it", and proceeded to make some tea, listen to GQ and retire to the sunny side of the house with cigarettes, Spitz and The Da Vinci Code. And that is how I spent my day, with a speckle of Law & Order and Scrabble thrown in. Marvelous.

This evening, I called B-Rock, and we went for a bike ride around the beautifully renovated lake in the middle of the city, which is another activity I'd like to add to my daily life, along with hanging in my Chinese restaurant, as I quite enjoyed it. Except for all the stairs B-Rock took me up and over, I'm just not cut out for stairs, when I'm on my wheels that is. Otherwise, I really have no problem with stairs.

And that's that. The perfect day off. Now I am home, I am going to chill for a while, and head out for a walk to the Pub, to see who's there. Tomorrow is going to be perfectly planned chaos according to my day planner, so I'm milking this day and all it holds for all it's worth.

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