Apr 15, 2012

Grace in Small Things #73

1. Getting back into swimming, almost daily.

2. Floyd's Diner on Sunday morning.....best breakfast ever.

3. Watching my indoor garden grow....in a few weeks the tomatoes, onions, broccoli and peppers can all move outside.

4. The flowers I planted from seed are starting to come up. I'm such a proud mom.

5. The animations of the houses falling apart on "Massive Moves". Hilarious.

6. Having a say in what goes on at work, and knowing that I am appreciated, not hoping so.

7. Hell's Gate lager. A cheap beer that tastes good.

8. Seeing the Olympic Mountains from my house. They've been covered in fog all winter, and now they can be seen every day.

9. A neighbour I've never spoken to before gave us a Singer sewing machine and table in working order from 1948. We gave him a ride to the offsale in return, cause we roll like that.

10. Free BBQ! Can't wait to have people over to eat and drink on our deck.

11. Having the money to buy Reverend Horton Heat tickets, and Tragically Hip tickets all on the same day. Now to wait until May, and July.

12. Leave in conditioner.

13. Sales on material at the Sally Ann.


dk said...

and friends who still love you even when it's still snowing where they live ;D

Anna said...

I thought summer started there in March this year? Back to winter?