Oct 17, 2011

15 Things That Made Me Happy Today

1. The warm temperature and the sunshine.

2. Being invited out to karaoke by a new work friend.

3. Kissing my husband.

4. Watching Smyrish "churn" his own butter.

5.  Playing "Deal or No Deal" on Facebook.

6. Sitting outside with one of my clients watching airplanes fly by.

7. Watching Patches and Maggie wrestle on the slippery linoleum floor.

8. Egg salad sandwiches.

9. Having a flashlight to use, so I felt safe walking at night.

10. I can breathe out of one nostril.

11. I have lost 5 pounds.

12. The smell of campfire permeating the neighborhood.

13. The amazing Halloween decorations around these parts.

14. Having a "back up" travel mug to use for my coffee.

15. Reminiscing about Casey and Finnegan and Mr. Dressup.

1 comment:

Crazzyk said...

Yay to #11! And for # 10 - one is better than none!