Jan 13, 2011

Snow Day

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I had planned on spending all day today sewing, and hopefully taking photos of some new bottle cap magnets I made this week. I am now going to be working Friday, Saturday and Sundays at a group home, so my creative job will have to be done during the week. So, like I said, I had planned on getting some work done today.

I hadn't planned on the insane storm we received here on the island, starting last night. Driving back to the campground from the city was daunting. I have driven on a lot of scary Canadian highways in the winter, but Malahat Drive has got to be the worst. The wet heavy snow made the roads slippery, the tree branches heavy, and our nerves on edge. Once we were home, we decided to spend the evening staying warm, and playing Nintendo. It was great. 

Both of us had thought about my event tent ( that we use as a picnic shelter here), and the weight of the snow. Both of us knew we should go and check on it. Both of us acted too late. When we heard the heavy thud, we knew what it was. There was no saving it. The legs and roof buckled under the weight of the wet snow. 

Oops, it fell. 

Dammit. I really liked that tent. I got it on sale too. Mother Effer.  My husband called time of death on it this morning, after he was a super trooper, and shoveled all the snow off of our roof at 4:30am so it wouldn't collapse like the tent, and then dug the tent out of all the snow. He's tops in my books today.

Not that the tent has anything to do with my ability to sew. It doesn't. We ( along with about 30,000 other people) were without power, all day. Like, a nine hour work day, all day kind of day. Without power, we don't have heat, and we don't eat anything that needs to be cooked. Without the tent, we don't have dry charcoal to cook outside on the grill. It was a cold, frustrating day, that didn't give any opportunity for crafty ventures. Unless you call shoveling crafty.

It wasn't a total bust though. I learned that I can survive in a trailer with no heat, as long as I am in BC and not Saskatchewan ( I am positive we would not have made it, had this happened back home.) The dogs had a ton of fun frolicking in the snow drifts, and I know have a special appreciation for my rubber boots, that I did not have before. They saved my feet today, so I can still push the "gas pedal" on my sewing machine.

Tomorrow is another day, the weather is looking up, I hope, and I've got a pile of material that's just begging to be made into shirred top dresses and shirts, and apron tops. Woot!

Garbage Tent. 

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