Nov 17, 2009

The Never-Ending Weight Issue

This morning I checked my email, and found a message from , telling me that I should enter my weight loss progress. The message went on to say that although I track my meals and workouts, tracking my weight loss as well will be a huge motivator for me, reminding me what a great job I am doing.

Well Daily Burn, I am not tracking my weight loss, because other than the five pounds I lost a couple months ago, I have not lost anything else. So there.

It is quite disheartening.

I started tracking my food intake and exercise regularly quite awhile ago. I have learned that I exercise no less than three times per week, and no more than six. I only eat pasta (whole grain) every 2 weeks, sometimes less. My rice intake has gone down quite a bit as well. When I was still eating meat daily, my protein intake was where it should be (120g-205g per day), but now I am not getting enough. (usually between 100g-120g per day). My carb intake is just right for my age, height and weight loss goal, usually coming in at 156 g per day. My daily caloric intake as a whole since I stopped eating meat has been extremely low ( 1400-1900 per day, some days as low as 900), but my fat intake is up...most likely due to salad dressings, and eating more eggs than usual to get that protein in. I am now paying closer attention to those "hidden" fats, to see what I can cut out, or what is good and should be in my diet.

Usually one day a week I do indulge. I drink beer or wine, eat food that isn't healthy (pizza, salty things), and usually the day after that is the day that I do not exercise at all. So yes, I admit, I am not as healthy as I should be. Those things shouldn't be a part of my life at all. But seriously, you would think that all the exercise and eating rabbit food would pay off in some way.

What am I supposed to do???

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