Nov 18, 2009

Abigail Interviews the Princess of the Universe

When Neil announced that he was doing The Great Interview Experiment again, I jumped right on that bandwagon. Last time was so much fun, and I found some great new blogs to read over my morning coffee and in the middle of the night after I had too much to drink. It also brought me some new readers, which I must admit was a nice boost to the blog ego. Oh, and I think I would probably do almost anything Neil asked of me, because he's just one cool cat. ( Neil, I said almost anything.)

I had the pleasure of interviewing someone who was not only a Canadian prairie dweller like myself, but after reading her blog for hours, I realized that I also had a lot in common with her. So much so, that this interview almost ended up being full of serious questions about losing a parent, weight, shit jobs, and so on. I decided it was best to keep the creepy stalker-ish questions to myself and not scare someone I don't know, so I kept the interview light and fluffy. ( just like her baking). I am positive that once I catch up on her archives, I'll have her answers to the more serious things I was wondering about anyways.

And now, without further adieu...

In your most recent post, you admitted to being an 80's hair band
junkie.Will you be catching Guns 'n' Roses while they are tour this winter?

Are they coming to Winnipeg? Hmmm...I doubt it though, I saw them in high school and that may have been enough for me!

As a coffee and cigarette addict myself, as well as a person who loves her beer, I have to ask....why did you give those things up?

Well, I never did smoke, so that was a non-issue. Beer - I keep trying sips of it, and it's always given me an "eeeewww" reaction. As for coffee? Well, I was always told that I was "too young" to drink it, then no one ever told me the magic day that I was old enough. I guess I just never really started. I do love the smell though :)

Tell us about your "experimental" baking.

I like seeing a photo somewhere and seeing if I can re-create it. I saw a chocolate covered cherry cheesecake photo once, and just pulled bits from various recipes that had all the elements and...voila! It was sort of a success. Kinda...

Winnipeg sometimes gets a bad rap...what with the cold winters, killer mosquitoes, floods, crime and so on. What do you love most about Winnipeg?

Hmmm, it's small, so I can generally find everything. I get lost REALLY easily. And yeah, I'm serious. That is my favourite thing :)

When you were a child, did you have an imaginary friend?

Not really. I think I had far more faith in the tangible. I never really "bought" Santa Claus or the tooth fairy etc either.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

I'd like to go back to England, I don't feel like I had time to really do it justice. It has so much history, I can't imagine ever being bored living there...

What's yummier? Bannock or poutine?

Poutine. Hands down. Not that I eat that anymore. :P

From reading your blog, I learned that you are very interested in your family's history. Are there any resources that you use to learn more about your genealogy?

My grandmothers on both sides lived in small communities that put together "Our First 100 Years" books - those gave me a lot of hints on where to start. Then I started ordering from Vital Stats - often something like a death cert will include parents names and place of birth etc, so you can work backwards from there...

As of right now, what are the three things in life that are making you the happiest?

Losing weight, working on my Master's application (weird!) and the beautiful man I'm on 2 committees with at work :P

If you want to learn more about The Princess of the Universe, check out her awesome blog at

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