Aug 27, 2009

Grace in Small Things #28

1. Finally having a really big messy cry over the loss of a friend and parental figure that I loved dearly. Feels so good to just get those emotions out.

2. Realizing that I really need to keep in touch better with people...and knowing that I will do so from now on. If you don't have your don't have much.

3. The gap where my molars used to be finally stopped bleeding.

4. AC fucken DC! What a great show....too bad I was in such pain!

5. My husband, who tries to do whatever he can to make me happy....even when I'm being all bi-polar and difficult about it. Not everyone can put up with crazy.

6. Everything is as worked out as I'm going to work it out, for our trip to Los Angeles next week.

7. I have made big progress in the thank-you card department....and hope to have them all written and mailed before I leave for the States.

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