Aug 19, 2009

Grace in Small Things #27

1. I found homemade beet borscht from my aunt in my freezer.

2. Eating that borscht for 3 meals in 1 day, was super awesome and fantastic.

3. It was so good in fact, that I thought I would make my own in the slow cooker.

4. I ate the last of my aunt's borscht at work tonight.

5. I came home at midnight, and was overjoyed that my borscht in the slow cooker, smelled the same as hers. Although I did put too much cabbage in mine.

6. I cannot stop farting. The smell is intense. A part of me wishes that someone were here to smell this rancid borscht gas. Someone that would think it was funny of course, not someone that would be disgusted and lecture me on my cabbage consumption.

7. But, I am alone, late at night, farting on my yoga ball while playing online Scrabble, and I am quite enjoying myself.

8. I can't wait to taste my borscht tomorrow!

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