Apr 20, 2009

My Wedding Dream

So there I am. One hour before I am to be hitched to the man of my dreams. I'm waiting in my mother's rented condo, for Wench to come and bring me my dress.

She shows up, happy as can be, bragging about what a good job she did on my dress. I look at it, and scream. It is a flowery, poofy, flamenco dress. NOT the dress we had been talking about all year, nor the one I had wanted to wear.

Seconds later, I am standing on the beach in my ugly flamenco dress, and my maid of honor strolls up to me, in dirty jeans and a blue fleece hoodie. She informs me that she felt too fat to wear the dress she had bought, and says that she is going to just " go casual", because that's what the boys are doing anyways.

I ask her what she means, and she points to Smyrish and his best man. They are walking towards me in sand covered denim shorts, and matching Nine Inch Nails t-shirts. I start screaming at the three of them.

" This is my goddamn day! As if you fuckers can't just wear something that is remotely CLEAN!"

They tell me that it's not like it matters, now that I have the wrong dress on, and I scream at them some more, before I storm off, in search of my hair guru, Pixx Axe.

I find Pixx at the hall. She, and many uninvited guests, have already tied into the booze that we were to sell at the reception. I try to get her to come with me to do my hair, to no avail. The other people want her to stay, they are having too much fun together. My maid of honor shows up at this time, and tells me to "Loosen up, you are supposed to be enjoying your day." We get into another screaming match, before one of the uninvited guests decides to butt in and tell me what a bitch I am being, for ruining their holiday at the beach.

Finally, after much screaming, and running through throngs of people, I convince Pixx to come and do my hair. She agrees, because truly, I do look awful. I start to thank her for her help....and then I realize that she is shaving my head bald.

We are immediately back in my mothers rented condo. Smyrish walks in, and tells me that he isn't sure he can marry me. I am too uptight, and I shouldn't worry so much about what people are wearing, or what I look like. All he wanted to do was marry me, and he didn't care if he was covered in mud, or I was in an ugly poofy dress.

And then I wake up. Dream interpretations welcome.

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