Jul 22, 2008

Smyrish Left Me for 50, 000 Rowdy Festival People

I'm alone for the next 10 days or so. Smyrish, The Nervous Axon, Knuckle Toes and Pocket Buddha took off to British Columbia for the Pemberton Festival, among other adventures, and here I sit, wishing I was with them.

But really, I think I needed some quiet time, to think about this whole wedding thing, have some alone time and just veg out. I don't get much of that anymore, what with being all domesticated and working so much this summer. It'll be good for my mental health, I am sure.


I picked up some extra shifts at work, (so I can afford to take some long weekends in August for festivals and camping), I have tons of sewing to get done for Folk Fest, and upcoming visits from friends and family, a camping trip, and dates to get drunk on the patio will keep me more than busy, and I won't be lonely, that's for sure, and maybe I actually won't have as much alone time as I had previously thought up there in that earlier paragraph.

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