Feb 26, 2007

It Can Only Get Better, From What I've Been Told

I could have written this all over again, with some minor adjustments, but I saw no need. Thought it would be good for me to try and put a positive spin on my otherwise crappy day.

15 Reasons why today has been better than yesterday

1. Horrible beer/wine hangover has finally subsided.

2. I ate for the first time since Saturday night, and so far, the food is staying where it should.

3. I was reminded that my troubles are not as life damaging as the troubles of someone else I know.

4. I only cried once, and I'm blaming it on the radio.

5. The sun is shining, which has given me a bit of energy to get through the rest of the day.

6. If I don't count today, there's only one more day until payday.

7. My friends comments and concerns about my recent break-up are actually making sense to me, and I have faith that one day I might actually listen, and let it all sink in.

8. Although the cat has taken to eating all inanimate objects, she is no longer in heat.

9. I have won 3 games of online Scrabble, unlike yesterday when I lost about 15.

10. I do not feel as if I have to be physically restrained in order to stay away from the telephone or the computer, thus doing something stupid.

11. Although I don't whole-heartedly believe it, I'm starting to think I'm a smaller piece of shit than I led myself to believe.

12. I have finally started cleaning the mess that we made at our houseparty on Saturday, and we have now been upgraded from condemned, to perfectly livable.

13. I found my spare keys, and got the broken key out of the lock on the car.

14. My body is so tired, I'll have no choice but to get a good sleep tonight.

15. I recieved a nice compliment from a stranger, and that made my day.

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