Dec 24, 2006

Happy Holidays, Xmas, Festivus, Whatever

What a beautiful spring day it is....oh wait a minute, it's Christmas Eve. Sorry 'bout that. Global Warming, you are a good friend to us who have to brave Saskatchewan winters. (Don't tell David Suzuki that I said that, please.)

I can't believe it's Xmas already. As friends arrive in town for the holiday, I will be heading out on the highway in a couple hours with the brothers, to frolic in SmallTown for a couple days. We will eat too much, drink too much, and most likely, GQ and I will get into some sort of arguement over washing dishes, or something equally ridiculous....'tis the season.

This is going to be our first Christmas that will not be spent on the farm, and although that is getting me down a bit, I guess change happens. This is a time of new beginnings for our little family, and no matter where we open our presents, eat our leftover turkey, and drink our booze, it's home....because we're together. Now if only we could smoke in Mom's new house, we'd be laughing.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a good Xmas. For the first time in about 10 years, I awoke this morning with not a hint of my annual Xmas Eve tonsilitis and strep throat, next to the love of my life, excited to spend three hours on the highway reading books and sleeping in the backseat of Filmstar's car. Although, I am a bit pouty because Mr. Head and I cannot spend Xmas together, we had our own little Xmas last night, and it was very nice to have some time to ourselves, opening presents and what not.

The next three days will be so busy with visiting and eating and driving, that time will fly by, and I'll be back to The City in no time flat. Just in time to see the out of town friends and rest up for New Year's shenanigans.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful holiday as well, and your families don't drive you too bonkers.


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