Dec 27, 2006

Greetings From Small Town!!!

Well, despite being absolutely exhausted from the get-go, I made it through Xmas happy, scrappy and hangover free (the last one is by pure luck, I am sure.) Although we have been relatively busy around these parts the last couple of days, I feel somewhat relaxed and ready to get back to the chaos that is the Xmas holiday and New Year’s in The City. I can’t be sure, but if it is going to be like years prior to this one, I have some late nights of drinking, socializing and other such activities ahead of me. Unfortunately, my bank account is not quite ready for the revelry, as I haven’t worked in a couple weeks, but maybe one of the lotto tickets AJ sent for me to give to Mr. Head will win big, and I can sponge a cool million off of him. (hehehe)

The brothers and I arrived in Small Town on the afternoon of Xmas Eve, and the visiting, drinking and eating began immediately. Mom had a turkey already cooked up for us to eat today (Boxing Day, of course), since we were going to be eating at other relatives homes, snacks and alcoholic beverages were plentiful, and Auntie B and Uncle D were in the kitchen waiting to visit. It was a nice welcome.

GQ and I made it through an evening at Uncle Don’s farm with only a few minor (for us) insults and disagreements, so the evening of visiting and drinking, and of course eating. was quite enjoyable. But if you ask GQ, he’ll tell you about how his night was not as fantastic as he had hoped, due to a Mystery Santa (we had no idea who it was!) showing up out of nowhere, walking through the front door, and stealing his thunder. Although I felt a bit bad for GQ, who so wanted to play Santa for the kids again this year, it was quite hilarious to see all of us adults, just as perplexed as the children, as to why Santa was here, and just who exactly it was. As Cousin Jeff said, “For three whole minutes, all of us were believers.”

Christmas Day began with the usual pot of coffee and the opening of presents, followed by a plate of cholesterol for brunch. Once we were awake, fed and packed, we hopped in the car, and headed to AJ’s place. As with everywhere else we went, food, drink and hugs were plentiful as soon as we walked in the door. We had a fantastic evening together, the best part being our annual “telephone sing song” that we do. You see, every year, after we are half-cut, we get out the guitar, do a quick practice, find the phone numbers of our loved ones, call them up and sing our very own medley of Xmas songs. Think ‘The Osmonds”, with an edge. Everyone really enjoys it, even the people on the other end of the phone. This year, we spiced up our routine a bit, and threw in our “family theme song” for the relatives, and in my opinion, we did quite well. When you make the people you love, laugh and cry and reminisce….well, it’s a good warm fuzzy feeling inside. Plus, we sounded pretty good, (we assume), so thumbs up to us.

This morning, after more good eats and some last minute visiting, we drove back to Small Town, tired but happy. It wasn’t long before B-Rock came over to visit, followed by the elusive Shmeed and Devo. Somehow, I snuck in a power nap between visitors, thank goodness.

Instead of heading out to the annual Small Town ‘Boxing Day Bash’, with the others tonight, I think I made the smart decision to stay home, eat nuts and watch ‘Law and Order’. This decision was based mostly due to lack of funds, feeling old(er), and the utter lack of ambition to get out of my pajamas or do my hair. Plus, I feel like I am all “visited out”, and truly do not have much more to say to anybody. Normally, I’d be pissed by now, buying some more drink tickets, making small talk with people I never bother to keep in contact with throughout the year, and waiting for the drunken fists to fly. And having a damn good time. What’s happened to me??? Oh well, some friends from The City are there, and I am sure I will get a play by play from at least a couple of them, so here’s hoping it’s eventful and they are having a good time!

I will be heading back tomorrow morning. B-Rock has graciously offered to give me a ride, (Ok, I told him I was catching a ride, and he graciously didn’t tell me to fuck off), and thus will conclude yet another Small Town Christmas. T’was a short visit, but a good one. Can’t wait for next year.

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