Feb 12, 2006

Did You Miss Me?? I Missed You Terribly!!

Wow, it's been awhile hasn't it?

With any luck, and lots of hard work done by the V-Man, my computer should be up and running by the time I get home from work in the morning. You have no idea how freaking excited I am to have my computer working again, I have felt lost, bored, and utterly powerless without that annoying piece of crap, and have felt like an annoyance myself, pacing the House of Pain, pining for a game of Scrabble, and hours upon hours spent just surfing that mis-information highway. However, I must say that in the month and a half that I have not been burning my eyeballs out in front of a computer screen, I have been reading a heck of alot more, and have also been feeling very productive, by making jewelery, organizing cupboards and using a pen and paper to write letters that I had been meaning to write for all eternity. (Of course I will most likely never get around to mailing them, as that would require stamping the envelopes and walking across the street to deposit them in the mailbox).

So what else is new with me, you ask?

A quick scan of my short term memory tells me that January was filled with dancing on Saturday nights, heated discussions about the Federal election, and work, work, work. Oh, and of course I celebrated my Rock Star birthday, which was a hoot and a holler, as well as a bit mentally trying, which I have decided was absolutely ridiculous. I wasn't upset about getting older, I became upset when I realized that society felt I should be perturbed by this, and I started wondering why I didn't give a shit about not having a husband, kids, mortgage, etc, and that just made me nuts, because I know deep down that I'm fine the way I am, and tradition and I don't make very good partners anyways. So all is well, I'm back to liking myself, and accepting my life the way it is. A bit of a tangent happened there didn't it? Oops.

February has been pretty much the same thing so far. Been working too often, and playing too hard, but the good quality play doesn't seem like it's coming around as often as I'd like it to. But, we did have a couple good nights of celebrating due to V-Man's 30th, I was blown away by the musical styling's of Elliot Brood on the 12th, B-Rock and I have just bottled our first batch of homemade Merlot, some of my "summertime friends" have started to wipe the sleep from their eyes and venture out into civilization, and my favorite bartender, Stifler, is back from Thailand, so dancing on Saturday's will go back to normal for me. Plus, on Friday, I'm hitching a ride to SmallTown, to go and visit mom, drink my new wine, get some fresh country air, and hopefully finish one of the books that have been lent to me....

Yep. Life is good. Sure I've gained 15 pounds, I'm not saving any money like I'm supposed to be doing, and I can't stop chewing my nails off, but all is well. Normal, but A-OK.

Hope you're all doing lovely as well.

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