Dec 24, 2004

I know I was at work, but I didn't see anything on CBC Newsworld about all the males getting wiped off the planet during the night.....

I noticed the weirdest thing on the bus ride home today. The bus was packed to the hilt....with women. Not a single male in sight. It freaked me out at first, but after the 10th stop, yet another female got on, and I was trying very hard not to laugh out loud or ask the gal behind me if she noticed this strange occurance as well.

I tried to think about what life would be like without males....and I couldn't imagine it. I think it would be a very strange planet, but probably not like the Amazon women planets that are portrayed in B-rated movies.

Where were all the boys today? I figure they were smart, called in sick for work, and stayed home in their warm beds, unlike us females who were trudging to work or last minute Christmas shopping in the 40 below weather.

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