Oct 10, 2006

Abigail Is Back, But For A Moment.

Been awhile hasn't it? I know, I should have some amazing explanation as to where I have been, and why I haven't been posting, but alas, I do not. The only excuse I can muster up is that I'm lazy, and don't have much to say. And that's the lamest excuse I've heard all day.

However, I have been doing some fantastically lazy blogging over at VOX, so if you feel the need to check that out, go forth and do so at http://abigailroad.vox.com. Oh, and I have like 4 or 6 invites to give away, so if anybody...and I mean anybody...wants one, just email me,or let me know in the comments, and I'll hook you up.

Where to begin, when you have not been in contact with the Interweb for so long? Do I tell you all about my mom finally selling her house? Do I giggle and gush about my wonderful boyfriend? I bet you want to hear about my car troubles, and how I have now put more money into repairs than I did to pay for it? My new job, that is actually an old job? I've got a new kitten, and she's full of piss and vinegar....now I know you want to hear all about that.

No worries, soon enough, you will hear about it all!

Well, now that summer's over, and winter is creeping up on us, I'm sure I'll be around more often. As for the right now, I need to nurse myself back to health, as I have a double whopper of a head cold, which will entail one more cup of tea, and yet another nice warm bath, accompanied by numerous decongestants and muscle relaxants. And if I can muster the energy to go and pick it up, I'll top off my home remedies with some good ol' Jagermeister.

Have a happy Tuesday.

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