Jun 14, 2006

Not Much Going On, Except Bingo and Weather Reporting

It really is amazing just how much the weather seems to affect my mood. After a week of rain, that truly threatened to never go away, and put a damper on what could have been many joyous times outside in the fresh air, yesterday morning, the sun peeked it's head out, raised the temperature to a nice 22 degrees by mid-morning, and Abigail was instantly happy and scrappy once again. Half way through those days of neverending rain, cool temperatures and minimal sunshine, I got the feeling that the universe was just having a nice big laugh at my expense, by throwing in a Full Moon and nutbar hormones to boot. So I am apologizing right now, to those who felt the wrath.

But yesterday, oh yesterday. It was no different than any of the rainy days past. I organized my belongings, just because I wanted to. I pushed through crowds at an Evil Corporation, just to get Rubbermaid containers and a new bra for half the price it would cost an the other Evil Corporation down the street. I fell asleep on the couch, because I couldn't bring myself to turn off the TV and walk the 3 feet to my bedroom.(Ok, I admit... I was having trouble taking my eyes off of my nemisis Ann Coulter, being interviewed on some American morning show. She just wouldn't shut the fuck up, and I couldn't stop yelling at the TV.) I had an amazing sleep, although riddled with strange dreams about a certain CNN anchor, and when I awoke, and the sun was still out, I hopped up and got my day started! I put on my new skirt and went for a walk in the neighborhood, mentally voting for who has the best garden along the way. I stopped to buy cigarettes and a Bingo scratcher on my way home. I won 10 bones on the Bingo scratcher, and feeling all fuzzy inside, I sat down and watched Al Gore on Larry King before heading off to work at midnight.

Still ecstatic about my big Bingo win yesterday, I started off my morning by cashing it in. I am no gambler. In my family, it is now custom to buy scratchers for each other at Xmas and on birthdays...and I never win. But the OCD in me likes to scratch the tickets just so. So when confronted with the question "Do you just want to get some more tickets?", I shouted out "No way!", and spent $3 on a newspaper and a coffee. I kicked myself a little for not picking up a couple more newpapers. No sense in taking a chance on the other tickets...what if I didn't get anything out of it? At least now, I have an extra $7 to spend the way I want. "My god", I though, "I am the lamest of the lame." Promise me dear readers, if I ever win more than 10 dollars, I do more than spent it on newspapers, coffee and beer. Oh who am I kidding? I know exactly what I'd do. And after those debts were paid, I'd be on the road. You're welcome to join me.

Hmmm....daydreaming about winning the lottery. So much fun. Just like the rest of the week will be if the weather keeps up. I'm crossing my fingers, and hoping for a beautiful weekend.


Once again updated the photo album. There's more to come, when I'm feeling less lazy.

I am loving reading what The Girl has to say.

Because this was emailed to me (is that an invite?) I'm passing it on to all you Saskatchewan Bloggernauts.


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Saskboy said...

Consider this your invite for this year's BBQ on July 8 in Regina.

It's not technically an email, but it should send you one.