Sep 9, 2005

Tag! You're It!

Well, I am going to attempt this because the lovely Politiko said she'd like me to. So here goes!

1. Seven things I plan to do before I die

* Go to Africa.
* Learn how to plant and nurture a kick ass vegetable garden.
* See Morrissey perform, preferably up close and personal.
* Beat my mom at Scrabble.
* Get drunk with the Tragically Hip.
* Sing in public, on a stage
* Learn how to play golf.

2. Seven things I can do

* Say no to drugs.
* Not miss a beat during Roman Catholic mass.
* Sew my own clothes, hats and bags.
* Play the piano.
* Shuffle like Axl Rose.
* Look after myself.
* Make friends.

3. Seven things I can't do

* Laugh without cackling.
* Stop chewing my nails.
* Fix my own computer troubles.
* Kneeboard.
* Speak another language.
* Say what I really want to say.
* Hold a grudge.

4. Seven things that attract me to people

* Political and social awareness.
* An outgoing, but not obnoxious, personality.
* Snazzy personal style.
* Sense of Humor.
* Knowledge of music.
* Their smile.
* Their 'fun factor'.

5. Seven things I say most

* "I need some fucking coffee."
* "I"m fucking tired."
* "Fuck you Mother Nature!"
* "Ya know what I"m sayin'?"
* "Are you for serious?"
* "I'll have one more I guess."
* "Ya, Ok, I guess so...."

6. Seven celebrity crushes

* Don McKellar
* Scarlett Johansson
* Beck
* Hawksley Workman
* Molly Parker
* Morrissey
* Moby

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