Jul 5, 2005

Mourning For My Kitty

A couple hours before I left The City for my camping trip on Thursday, I got a phone call from the Vet Clinic. Someone had brought my cat in, and she had been hit by a car and they had to put her to sleep. Apparently, she was hit just metres away from my house. The driver did not stop, but a neighbor saw her and took her to the clinic. Not a good day for anyone in the House of Pain.

To me, losing a pet has always felt like losing a part of the family. Living on the farm, we went through many cats, a couple dogs, and I buried many a dead bird, mouse or bat. My mothers garden was really just a pet cemetary, with vegetables. This time, I don't get to bury my pet, as there is a law against burying animals in The City. I wasn't going to obey the law, but when I realized that our garden in really just a brick of clay, I had to concede defeat, and just let the Humane Society take care of her. I have until the 12th to go and get her collar and what not, or cremate her, which I personally think is just creepy......I've never quite understood the displaying of a pet's ashes on a mantle(or whatever people do with their pet's ashes), no matter how close to said pet I was.

It's going to take awhile for me to get used to sleeping alone, not having to worry about leaving glasses of water unattended, and having arms that aren't scratched up beyond belief after countless wrestling matches.

I think I am going to take a nice long break from being a pet owner. I am not able to give an animal all the attention it deserves at this point in my life, and I don't want to rush out and replace the one I lost. But, thankfully I have many pictures, and many memories from my first pet that I owned as an adult, and to top it all off, I write in a blog, using her name, Abigail Road.


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